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Build Your Own Water Garden

Creating your own pond, waterfall, stream or other water feature is one of the most rewarding home improvements you will ever complete. If you can use a shovel and follow simple directions, you’ll soon be able to enjoy countless hours of peaceful contemplation beside your own water garden.

The owner-built water garden requires quality components, proper design and technique, and a modest amount of physical labor. You get all this – except the labor! – from our custom designed systems.

The owner-built water garden also requires a knowledgeable source for support during and after the installation of the water garden.

I enjoy helping my customers get started in the wonderful world of water gardening.


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Everything in these systems is designed and sized to work together, eliminating guesswork, experimentation and countless trips to the hardware store. If you want to customize…perhaps move the waterfall 6′ to 8′ away from the pond (or pondless basin) to create a cascading stream… simply tell us what you would like to create and we’ll customize components and design to achieve your goals.


We will deliver to you everything you need to build your water garden, except rock and gravel, which you will purchase locally (rock quarries, large earth movers, etc.) (ask us for help. We can also direct you to established vendors for fish, aquatic plants and other water garden additions and accessories.

Optional: Both large and small projects will benefit from our very affordable water garden design service

Unlike other companies, we provide courteous and immediate help with your installation – we’re available by phone or email for your specific questions – the success of your project is important to us!

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Step-by-Step Water Garden Construction Ebook: Free Download

The Pond Free Waterfall

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Handy Water Garden Construction Formulas

We do enjoy helping our clients envision and build their water gardens, so please don’t hesitate to call 208-255-8849 for suggestions and advice. And when you’ve completed your project, please be sure to send us photos so that your new oasis can help inspire others to turn their dreams into reality.


Free Pond Construction Ebook

Based on an actual pond and waterfall installation and lavishly illustrated with high quality photographs, the The Owner-Built Landscape: Illustrated Book of Pond and Waterfall Construction will give you the knowledge and confidence to undertake your own water garden installation. We’ll deliver this Free Ebook to your inbox immediately!

Customer Comments:

” My pond has opened a whole new dimension to my home. It’s like we have another room to enjoy, only I don’t have to wipe my feet! ‘Serenity Lake’ is what we call it, and we’ve enjoyed many hours of just sitting back enjoying the waterfall, pond and fish. It has been the most rewarding project I have ever done, and we love to watch our fiends’ reaction to their first look.

Comments like “wow” and “it should be in a magazine” or “it looks like its always been there” are common remarks. I would like to thank Dan @ Clearwater Landscapes for all his guidance from start to finish.”
Dennis J. Lyons – Lakeville, Massachusetts

” Not only did Dan walk me through my options, but he did this while he was on vacation!!! As much as it bothered me to be bugging Dan on vacation, my anxiety to begin my project got the best of me. Not only did Dan help, but he encouraged me to call him back and let him know how things were progressing.”
Dr. Joseph Luciani – Cresskill, New Jersey

” Dan: I recently fininished my water feature from the kit you sent me. It is so great if I do say so myself. A major reason is of course the quality of the products I received from you. The natural look and generous head of water is superior to anything else I’ve seen here locally. Thanks, “
Jerry Obermueller – Caspar, Wyoming

” Starting with a hole in the ground, I installed my new water garden by myself in three days. The pond kit instructions and video are very complete and easy to understand. Dan made ordering my pond kit a snap; and he always answered my email questions by the next day. Clearwater Landscapes made my pond installation a very easy and rewarding experience. “
Scott Kussman – Bloomington, Illinois

” I did a lot of research before I decided to purchase and install my pond. Dan was very good at explaining the benefits of the natural approach to water gardening. Based on our conversations, I purchased the 11’x 16′ pond kit with additional material for a waterfall. Dan was available to answer all of my questions during installation and start-up of the pond. This has been a truly “natural” pond – no chemicals other than the recommended bacteria has been used to maintain this pond in crystal clear condition. “
Randy Young – Columbia, Tennessee

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