Landscaping Return on Investment

I reported in the May Newsletter that the national average cost of a new landscape installation is ten percent of the value of the home and property. Is this cost justified? What landscape return on investment (besides beautification, energy conservation and privacy) can be expected? A recent study by Clemson University addressed this concern.

Landscaping Return on Investment Research Findings

Researchers conducted a study of home sale prices and compared the results based on varying levels of landscape quality. Not only were the type, size and condition of plantings considered, but also the overall design. Landscapes were rated “poor,” “average,” “good,” or “excellent.” Results concluded that those homes with good and excellent landscapes had a fourteen to seventeen percent higher sale value than those in the poor and average categories.
Landscaping Return on Investment
This study was done in Greenville, SC and included 218 single family residences. Though results may vary slightly by region, the study indicates that the monetary return on investment for quality landscaping certainly justifies the cost; better landscapes bring higher sale value.

In addition increasing landscape return on investment, proper landscape installation will insure less expense over time and greater satisfaction. In my years of landscaping experience, I’ve been required to replant and/or repair numerous landscapes which were originally installed without proper planning and technique. This ends up being more expensive than doing the job right the first time.

Remember to Plan Twice…Plant Once.

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